Photo of 3rd Grade - School Community from Trish Harrison

3rd Grade - School Community from Trish Harrison

By Trish Harrison




Children worked together to discuss the things that made their school community unique.


The objective was for students to learn to express values while looking at different communities. They practiced discussion; brainstorming; writing down ideas; using ideas in small-group talk as conversations. Using VoiceThread, children were more focused and would remember the discussions more than [they would following a usual reflection exercise,] as they stated that it was far more enjoyable recording than writing down their thoughts.


The most difficult part of the project was getting the children to record conversations every one a first-time result.


Online video about communities using Digistore N.Z.


Have students write down thoughts that they want to record ahead of time to help limit the number of re-recordings necessary to finish a satisfactory comment.


Before and after views, and could relate to any curriculum areas.